Protein Platform

Recombinant proteins obtained by recombinant DNA technology or recombinant RNA technology are widely used in antigen preparation, protein interaction and enzymatic analysis research. The preparation and purification of recombinant proteins and recombinant antibodies is a complex systematic project involving the genetic manipulation of genes upstream and downstream, the structure of proteins and their upstream and downstream modification operations.

KMD Bioscience understands that the product core is quality, and technology is the guarantee. Under this guidance, KMD has established and perfected four major protein expression platforms: Prokaryotic Expression Platform, Mammalian Cell Protein Expression Platform, Yeast Protein Expression Platform and Insect Cell Protein Expression Platform. Under the technical support provided by these four platforms, KMD can offer high-quality protein products and services for the world's clients to continue and improve their research.


Project Features:   


-- Strict quality control system ensures batch-to-batch consistency and repeatability

-- Large-scale fermentation platform can produce different packaging specifications according to customer needs

--Experienced research team to provide you with a full range of customized solutions

--GMP grade protein production

--Perfect pre-sales/after-sales service system for your research  


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