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Primary Cell Customization Service

KMD Bioscience's primary cell customization service is trusted by our customers. With extensive practice experience and advanced technology, KMD Bioscience can provide a variety of high-quality primary cells. Customized services are available to meet your specific research and downstream experimental needs.  Primary cells are cells isolated directly from human or animal tissues using enzymatic or mechanical methods, which have a weak proliferative capacity and a limited lifespan. But they have many advantages over cell lines. For example, their genetic material is unchanged, and they are close to the cells in vivo, which facilitates the study of gene expression.

Primary cells are widely used in the research of molecular biology, cell biology, as well as disease model research, biosimilar research, cell therapy, organ culture and other fields. KMD Bioscience provides cryopreserved fresh primary cell products from a variety of human and animal species, supporting relevant research in various fields, and we guarantee the legitimacy of all cell sources.


Service Process:




Service Content:


--Customize a variety of cell types for different species

--Multiple cell types from the same species

--Isolate specific subsets of cells

--The cell bank of primary cells

In addition, we can keep specific cell vials for you in our inventory (such as specific batches or custom formats)  




--Primary cells in 1 cell culture flask or 2 cell culture tubes

--Experimental report (including experimental process and results)


Service Highlights:


--Complete and advanced experimental instrument platform, to meet the primary cell customization service

--Ensure the perfect separation, purification, subculture and growth of human and animal primary cells

--Diverse selection of primary cells (including cryopreserved cells)

--Rich experience in cell culture, low passage numbers, and good cell condition

--Provide flow cytometry, immunocytochemistry and other methods of detection




--Specify the tissues and determine whether the tissues are provided by the customer or KMD Bioscience.

--The culture conditions of the primary cells shall be provided as far as possible or explored by KMD Bioscience.

--The inconvenience of preservation and transportation may reduce the success rate of primary cell culture, so that customers are advised to use the corresponding tissues provided by KMD Bioscience.


Case Study:


Images of mouse auditory neurons and their immunofluorescence identification results













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