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Protein Production Platform


Protein Production Platform



KMD Bioscience has been committed to protein research for many years and has established a complete protein production platform. To provide one-stop services, we provide protein expression platforms and other protein-related platforms or services, such as protein detection platforms, protein purification services, protein labeling platforms, protein modification platforms, and stable cell line construction platforms. Our experienced scientists can develop a complete protein production plan for you in a short period. The customer only needs to provide us with a protein sequence, CDS, or protein name, and our experienced scientists can develop a complete protein expression and purification plan for you in a short period.



Protein Production Process



Comprehensive Protein Production Service


KMD Bioscience has designed an effective expression vector containing multiple fusion labels (His, GST, SUMO, FLAG, etc.), which can soluble express recombinant proteins with molecular weights exceeding 150kDa for customers; At the same time, we have collected and established various expression strains (including low-temperature induced expression strains and 10-16 ℃ ultra-low temperature-induced expression proteins), customized to meet downstream applications and provide high-quality services to customers.


Protein Expression Platform

Protein-protein Interactions Analysis Platform

Bacterial Protein Expression Service

Natural Protein Purification Service

Mammalian Protein Expression

Protein Modification Service

Insect Cell Protein Expression Service

Protein Labeling Platform

Affinity Measurement Service

PEGylation Service

Protein DeNovo Sequencing Service

Large-Scale Freeze Drying Service


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As the most important animal immunogen, the preparation, extraction, and purification of recombinant and natural proteins are crucial for immune efficacy. KMD Bioscience can optimize gene sequence design, and strictly control protein production, purification, and quality control to ensure that the obtained reagents meet different downstream applications, including the construction of nanobody libraries, screening, and activity validation experiments.



Custom Nanobody Production


Phage Display Platform


Single B Cell Antibody Platform


Protein Production Technology Resources


Protein production is a challenging task as it requires us to have rich experience and professional knowledge in protein expression preparation. Our scientists are willing to share their protein development experience with you. Here are some of our protein-related articles, and you can also browse more protein technology articles.


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