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Protein Modification and Detection Platform


Protein Modification and Detection Platform



KMD Bioscience has been committed to research on protein modification and detection for many years and has built a complete platform for protein modification and detection. It can also provide one-stop services from protein production to protein modification, protein detection, protein labeling, etc. In addition, we also provide other key services and platforms for you to choose from, bringing you a good experience, Our experienced team can also tailor exclusive solutions for you!



Protein Modification and Detection Process


Comprehensive Modification and Detection Service



KMD Bioscience has built a comprehensive affinity determination platform and protein interaction detection platform for customers, which can provide accurate and rapid affinity determination services, as well as distinctive intermolecular interaction analysis services according to customers' needs. We can provide customers with common protein interaction detection services such as yeast two hybrid, Western blot, pull down and Co IP, to ensure that the detection results are accurate, objective, and reliable, and help your scientific research experiments.

Protein PEGylation Service

Protein DeNovo Sequencing Service

Affinity Measurement Platform

Pull Down Laboratory Service

BLI Affinity Determination Service

SPR Affinity Determination Service

GST Protein Purification Service

Protein-protein Interactions Analysis Platform

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Service

Co-immunoprecipitation Experiment

Protein Labeling Platform

Competitive ELISA Affinity Determination


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In the process of protein-protein interaction research, it is often necessary to find the ligand of a protein or enzyme.KMD Bioscience provides peptide library screening services and has rich experience in immortalizing cell lines. With years of experience, the technical experts of KMD Bioscience have successfully immortalized cell types of humans, mice, and rats. Antibody purification Service is a good choice for preparing antibodies with high efficiency, high price, strong specificity, and good stability.



Antibody Purification Service


Peptide Library Screening Service


Cell Immortalization Platform


Protein Modification and Detection Technology Resources



Obtaining purified protein and determination and modification of protein sequence are the basis of proteomics research. The launch of the protein purification platform has also laid a good foundation for protein modification and detection platforms. We can find your doubts from the technical articles to solve your problems. For more questions, you can also browse the protein technology articles.


Introduction to CO-IP Experiment

Sample Requirements of N-terminal Sequencing Analysis