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Protein Purification Platform


Protein Purification Platform



KMD Bioscience has years of experience in protein purification and separation and can provide expression and purification services for hundreds of histones every year. It has established a comprehensive protein purification platform and uses different types of protein purification technologies to purify target proteins, providing customers with high standards and purity of target proteins to meet their project needs, and providing strong support for downstream experimental research for clients.



Protein Purification Process



Multiple Types of Protein Purification Service


KMD Bioscience has established a comprehensive protein purification system with years of experience in natural protein purification, as well as recombinant protein purification. We not only separate and purify natural proteins from various species, tissues, or other sources, but also have fermentation tanks of different sizes and diverse recombinant protein purification systems, which can meet the high throughput and large-scale expression needs of recombinant proteins, Simultaneously providing GST fusion protein purification services, a strict control system ensures the purity and quality of delivered proteins.


Natural Protein Purification Service

Protein PEGylation Service

Recombinant Protein Purification Service

Peptide Synthesis Service

GST Protein Purification Service

Peptide PEGylation Service

Affinity Measurement Service

Large-Scale Fermentation Service

Protein Modification Service

Large-Scale Freeze Drying Service

Protein Expression Platform

Protein Labeling Platform


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KMD Bioscience utilizes its experience and knowledge of the structure-function of antibodies and proteins, combined with mature bioinformatics prediction capabilities and phage library display technology, to provide antibody-related services and build a library construction platform for customers to choose from.



Antibody Humanization Service


Antibody Affinity Maturation Service


Library Construction Platform


Protein Purification Technology Resources


Protein purification has different requirements and requires us to have a rich knowledge reserve. Of course, we would prefer to exchange ideas and discuss together and share the problems and techniques in the protein purification process. The following are our technical articles. For other questions, you can also browse the protein technology articles.


Protein Purification Technology

Protein Purification FAQs

Protein Expression and Purification Overview

GST Fusion Protein Purification FAQs

Protein Expression Purification Process

Natural Protein Purification Service