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Cell Immortalization Platform


Introduction to Cell Immortalization Platform




Cell immortalization refers to the process in which cells, due to genetic changes or various external stimuli, avoid aging and death during normal passage during in vitro culture, allowing for long-term passage and unlimited division and proliferation. Cameron Biotech provides cell immortalization services, including B cell immortalization, T cell immortalization, and we have various methods including: SV40 cell immortalization system, hTERT cell immortalization system, HPV E6/E7 cell immortalization system, EBV cell immortalization system, MycT58A cell immortalization system, RasV12 cell immortalization system, etc. KMD Bioscience technical experts have successfully enabled mice and rat cell types are immortalized, and we have a customized platform for cell immortalization. With our professional technical personnel, we can provide customers with professional customized services for immortalized cells.



Cell Immortalization Procedure



Related Services of Cell immortalization Platform


KMD Bioscience has established a comprehensive cell biology technology platform and standard cell laboratories, with a complete range of cell bank resources. It can provide related technical services such as constructing immortalized cell lines and stable cell lines, and can customize and select suitable experimental plans according to customer needs.


Cell Immortalization Service

Stable RNAi Cell Line Generation

B Cell Immortalization Service

CRISPR/Cas9 Knock-out Cell Line Services

T Cell and Macrophage Immortalization

Custom Overexpression Stable Cell Lines

Cell Line Construction Services

Cell Line Monoclonality Identification Services



Recommended Special Services


Regarding cell biology services, KMD Bioscience has a corresponding cell biology platform that can provide customers with various cell related services, including fluorescence in situ hybridization, cell apoptosis detection, cell scratch detection and other cell related experiments, to meet customer testing needs.



Cell Flow Cytometry Services


Cell Scratch Experiment Services


Custom Probe Production Service


Cell  Immortalization Platform Related Technical Service Resources


From cell immortalization to cell related services, we are willing to share the rich technology and resources we use with you to solve your doubts. If you need to view more, please refer to our cell article.


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