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Antibody Purification Platform



Antibody Purification Platform



KMD Bioscience has a variety of antibody purification instruments and equipment, which can provide antibody purification services of multiple species. We will choose the purification method according to the customer's specific purpose to solve the problem of antibody purification. At the same time, we will also provide a series of upstream and downstream services such as antibody customization, antibody affinity maturation, antibody sequencing, and build a complete antibody purification platform, which can provide you with high purity, high standard, and high-quality antibodies. You can choose different purification methods, and we will also customize the best scheme for you.



Antibody Customization Service Procedure



Comprehensive Antibody Purification Service


Complete purification instruments and exquisite purification technology provide strong support for the construction of purification platform. The preparation of antibodies with high efficiency, high price, strong specificity and good stability is the basis for the success of immunological experiments. At the same time, we are equipped with relevant technical platforms, such as molecular biology platform, cell biology platform, immunological detection platform, etc., to provide technical guarantee for our experiments. Our antibody purification platform is equipped with other services and related platforms to provide you with better services.


Antibody Purification Service

Antibody Affinity Maturation Service

Antibody Labeling Service

Protein Labeling Service

Monoclonal Antibody Development Platform

Natural Protein Purification Service

Polyclonal Antibody Development Platform

Protein-protein Interactions Analysis Platform

Antibody Sequencing Service

PROTAC Technical Service

Antibody Humanization Service

Hybridoma Sequencing Service


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Phage display technology provides the basis for the research and development of fully human therapeutic antibodies, expands the application of directed evolution technology in the modification and screening of antibody peptides, and is of great significance for the development of antibody drugs. The protein expression platform is used to support the immunization and screening of phage antibodies, and it is also important to immunize animals in the process of library construction. KMD Bioscience will customize your immunization program according to customer needs.



Protein Expression Platform


Phage Display Platform


Alpaca Immunization Service


Antibody Purification Technology Resources


Antibody purification technology plays an important role in antibody production. We hope to help you answer your doubts. Here are our technical resources in the antibody production process. If you want to know more, please check our antibody technology article.


Antibody Humanization

Fab Introduction

Phage Display FAQs

Introduction to fully human antibody technology: phage antibody library technology