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Industrial-Scale Customization Platform

Industrial-Scale Customization Platform


KMD Bioscience has built a protein industry level platform. We have a GMP sample production workshop with complete equipment for production, detection, separation and purification. We manage raw materials, production, packaging, transportation and quality control in strict accordance with the ICH and GMP guidelines such as the QC quality control system and the traceability of documents. We have the ability of continuous supply, guarantee product quality and provide products with high batch consistency. It can provide customers with one-stop technical services from protein expression to large-scale fermentation and production of protein, protein purification, Large-Scale Freeze Drying, etc.


Large Scale Industrial Production Service Procedure



One Stop large-scale Industrial Service


KMD Bioscience has built a one-stop large-scale industrial protein platform, which can not only provide customers with industrial scale fermentation technology services to meet the needs of customers for large-scale protein expression, but also has a comprehensive high-speed fully automated filling line, which can provide customers with large-scale freeze-drying service , and also has the ability to achieve large-scale (gram) peptide production, With advanced current good manufacturing practice (GMP) production facilities, we can also provide customers with strict and standardized production, and cooperate with various platforms to meet customers' needs.


Large-Scale Fermentation Service

Nuclear Receptor Screening Service

Large-Scale Freeze Drying Service

Affinity Measurement Service

Protein Expression Platform

Protein Sequencing Service

Natural Protein Purification Service

Peptide Library Screening Service

Library Screening Service

Pull Down Laboratory Service

Peptide Synthesis Platform

cGMP Peptide Synthesis Service


Featured Service Recommendation


Based on the understanding of proteins and antibodies, KMD Bioscience has its own platform for antibody production in addition to the one-stop service for protein production. It can customize monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal antibodies of different species, and also customize personalized experimental schemes according to your detection needs. During cell analysis, we have accumulated rich experience in cell operation to provide you with real and reliable results and experience high-quality services.



Polyclonal Antibody Development Platform


Monoclonal Antibody Development Platform


Cell Flow Cytometry Service


Large Scale Industrial Service Technology Resources


Large-scale industrial service technology resources industrial service needs to meet not only the expansion of production, but also the strict control at each operation stage, which can not avoid the problems encountered in operation. The following is our technical article, which also hopes to help you solve your confusion. For more information, please check our protein technology article.


Technical Support for Prokaryotic Expression Service

Natural Protein Purification Service