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Antibody Customization Platform


Antibody Customization Platform



KMD Bioscience has been engaged in antibody research for many years and has built a perfect antibody customization platform, ranging from monoclonal antibody customization, polyclonal antibody customization, and recombinant monoclonal antibody customization to various types of antibody development services. Based on different technologies, KMD Bioscience provides monoclonal and polyclonal antibody customization services for different species. In addition to antibody customization, In order to ensure that you can get better antibodies for your research, we also provide a series of antibody purification, antibody sequencing, and other services for you to choose from.



Antibody Customization Service Process




Complete Antibody Customization Service


Based on the perfect antibody customization platform, we have derived different antibody customization platforms and provided different antibody customization services for you to choose the solution suitable for you. In addition to the antibody customization platform, we also provide a series of upstream and downstream services for your antibody production.


Monoclonal Antibody Development Platform

Recombinant Antibody Production Platform

Rabbit Single B Cell Screening Service

PROTAC Technical Service

Antibody Pairing-Custom ELISA Development Service

Antibody Purification Service

Polyclonal Antibody Development Platform

Antibody Sequencing Service

Anti-idiotype Antibody Development Service

Hybridoma Sequencing Service

Phosphorylated Antibody Production Service

Antibody Phage Display Service


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The antibody and protein platforms are the two pillar platforms built by KMD Bioscience. The antibody platform is closely related to the protein platform. At the same time, we recommend our peptide synthesis platform to provide you with more choices.



Protein Expression Platform


Natural Protein Purification Service


Peptide Synthesis Platform


Antibody Customization Service Technology Resources


There are many problems in the antibody production process, and we are also trying to solve your doubts for you. If you have more problems, you can contact our experts or check our more relevant antibody technology articles.


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