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Antibody Discovery Platform

 Antibody Discovery Platform



KMD Bioscience has built a complete antibody discovery platform, from human antibody library construction, nanobody library construction, to a series of library screening services such as immune library screening, naïve library screening, peptide library screening, and then to antibody verification services such as antibody affinity maturation services, antibody labeling services, antibody humanization services, etc., to provide you with a variety of high-quality services and escort your antibody discovery. According to the different needs of customers, we can customize the personalized library, provide flexible and effective screening services, and can carry out antibody personalized customization services to meet your needs.



 Antibody Discovery Procedure



 Stereoscopic Antibody Discovery


KMD Bioscience has mature and stable immune library construction technology, as well as fast and reliable candidate antibody screening and preliminary identification technology. Based on different antibody drug functional requirements, he has developed various screening systems, including direct screening, competition, negative screening, cell screening, etc. At the same time, he has a complete protein expression platform, which can prepare high-purity and biologically active soluble antigen proteins in a short period of time, To support the immune and screening work of phage antibodies.


 Human scFv Antibody Library Construction

 Phage Display Platform

 Human Fab Antibody Library Construction Service

Premade Phage Display Peptide Library Screening

 Humanized Antibody Phage Library Service

Nuclear Receptor Screening Service

 Camelid VHH Antibody Library Construction

Peptide Library Screening Service

 Alpaca Single Domain Antibody Discovery Service

 Protein Expression Platform


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KMD Bioscience has been committed to cell biology technology research for many years, building a cell biology platform. It has an experienced research expert team, a skilled experimental team, a complete cell culture platform, and complete experimental instruments and conditions. It has accumulated rich experience in fluorescence in situ hybridization technology services, built a complete probe customization platform, and provided related cell biology services, For you to choose from.



Custom Probe Production Platform


Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization Service


Fluorescence and Dye Labeling Peptides


Antibody Discovery Technology Resources


The process from library construction to library screening is complex, utilizing a wealth of technology and resources. We are willing to share resources with you to solve your doubts. If you need to view more, please refer to our antibody technology article.


 Alpaca Immune Procedures and Techniques

 Construction Process of Phage Display Library

 Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization

 Phage Peptide Library Screening Service

 Generation Process of Nanobody

 Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Technology