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Inactivated Native Influenza B Strain Tokio/53/99 Antigen

Product Information
Catalog Number VAG1114
Product Name Inactivated Native Influenza B Strain Tokio/53/99 Antigen
Alias HA, Influenza B virus,
Size 25μl, 50μl, 100μl
Species Virus
Host Human diploid cell
Applications Immunogen, WB, ELISA
Source Native Influenza Influenza B Strain Tokio/53/99 was inoculated in SPF chicken embryos and split by formalin.
Purity >90% as estimated by SDS-PAGE
Buffer 0.005% thimerosal in PBS pH 7.2
Purification Allantoic fluid of 10 days old embryonated eggs, inoculated with influenza B virus, strain B/Tokio/53/99. The Influenza B Virus was purified by Ultracentrifugation with 10-40 % sucrose gradient.
Storage Store the product at 4°C for 1-2 years.
Background Influenza A and B are the two types of influenza viruses that cause epidemic human disease. Influenza B viruses currently circulating are divided into two antigenically and genetically distinct groups: the Victoria and Yamagata lineages.