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Biological Testing

At KMD Bioscience, all peptides undergo comprehensive quality management testing to support routine applications, including MS and HPLC analysis throughout the peptide synthesis and purification process.

But biological analysis may be required for peptides used in certain types of essays. KMD Bioscience provides various peptide bioanalysis services to support many different applications.


Types of Services Available:


Bacterial Endotoxin Testing and Removal

Endotoxin is a common major contaminant of bioactive substances, which can cause serious reactions in vivo, such as stimulating the immune system of mammals and reducing the viability of tissue culture cells. They remain highly toxic even at low concentrations. Therefore, biological samples must be removed before introduction.

KMD Bioscience now offers guaranteed endotoxin testing and removal services to reduce endotoxin levels to ≤0.01 EU/μg to improve new test results.


Peptide Sterility Testing

Sterility is an important requirement if peptides are used in cell assay, cell free therapy or vaccine development.  Reliable sterility testing and specific methods are therefore key steps in the drug development process.

KMD Bioscience provides reliable and standard sterility test. This process includes lyophilized peptides dissolved in water and samples cultured in two types of media to facilitate simultaneous detection of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms.


Cytotoxicity Testing

Cytotoxicity test is an in vitro analysis used to assess whether a subject causes cell death or inhibits cell growth. Because some counterions or residual solvents may show cytotoxicity, peptide samples should be tested for cytotoxicity before being used for cell analysis or other biological systems.

KMD Bioscience provides comprehensive in vitro cytotoxicity testing services as well as rapid and economical screening protocols to evaluate peptide safety with reliable assay results.


Bioburden Testing

It can address the contamination problems that peptides may encounter prior to use with a rapid microbiological testing regimen of bioburden testing, which includes testing for total aerobic microbial counts and yeast and mold counts, to meet the needs of its microbial level products in pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, food and other fields of processing and processing procedure.


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