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Peptide Synthesis and Modification Services

KMD Bioscience has more than ten years of experience in protein research services, especially in peptide synthesis technology, KMD Bioscience has a competitive scientific and technical team. The experts can provide personalized peptide synthesis and peptide modification customized solutions according to the different needs of the project, KMD Bioscience can synthesize the customized peptide in a short period to help customers shorten the project cycle.

Peptide is an important tool for drug and vaccine development, protein function research, specific antibody production, new enzyme design and enzyme-substrate interaction research. KMD Bioscience provides general linear peptide synthesis, peptide modification, peptide library production (KMD Bioscience provides peptide library construction based on the platform of phage display technology), and the peptide synthesis service has the following features high success rate and quality in a short time.



Peptide Synthesis and Modification Services:


Peptide synthesis services

Neonatal antigen peptide services

Large-scale peptide synthesis services

cGMP peptide services

Cosmetic peptide synthesis services

Peptide modification and conjugation services


Service Highlight:


--High success rate of peptide synthesis, purity up to 99%

--Short project period, only 2-3 weeks

--Peptide length up to 200 amino acids, using BSA, KLH and other peptide conjugations

--High yield, the yield from MG grade to KG grade according to customer needs


How to Order?

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