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Industrial-Scale Customization Service

KMD Bioscience has dedicated itself to protein expression and preparation research for years. Protein is the basic material of life. The rapid development of the protein biosimilar market and the in-depth research of proteomics witnesses the increasing demand for large-scale production of protein. KMD Bioscience has rich experience developing protein biosimilars, and has established a complete set of platforms for protein expression, protein fermentation, subsequent purification, protein lyophilization, and other one-stop protein industrial-level fermentation and lyophilization.

KMD Bioscience has a GMP-like production plant with complete equipment for production, testing, separation, and purification to give you a one-stop service experience. Our raw materials, production, packaging, and transportation are under the guidance of strict QC systems and other ICH and GMP guidelines, all our documents are traceable. KMD Bioscience can provide continuous supply while ensuring product quality and high consistency.

Through the unremitting efforts of our researchers, KMD Bioscience has established a complete antibody and protein platform, equipped with different sizes of fermenters, high-speed centrifuges, protein purifiers, lyophilizers and other equipment for recombinant protein production. KMD Bioscience is also constantly upgrading our equipment to better support your research. Large-scale fermentation production, protein purification and large-scale lyophilization are available to meet the needs of industrial-grade customers.


Large-Scale Protein Fermentation Service


KMD Bioscience has established a comprehensive large-scale protein fermentation and purification platform to offer industrial-scale fermentation services, supporting your needs for large-scale protein expression and purification.

KMD Bioscience has mature ultra-high density fermentation technology and a wide range of fermenters and bioreactors to suit different output requirements. KMD Bioscience offers large-scale purification services based on a wide range of protein purification technologies and high-quality Akta and BioRad Biological protein purifiers, enabling the production of recombinant proteins at the milligram to gram level. KMD Bioscience has independently modified expression vectors and optimized experimental procedures to achieve high yields in a relatively short time. The right expression system and fermentation culture protocol will be determined for you in accordance with your research needs. Saving you time and making you convenient.


Main fermentation processes


Large-Scale Protein Freeze Drying Services:


With a comprehensive range of high speed fully automated filling lines and customized 0.1-10ml vials, together with our large-scale freeze-drying equipment, KMD Bioscience can offer you a large-scale freeze-drying service for proteins, ensuring lyophilized samples are sterile, pyrogen-free and meet moisture content.


Main freeze-drying processes



Service Highlights: 


--Skilled laboratory operators, complete laboratory records to ensure protein batch-to-batch consistency

--Traceability of raw materials

--Rigorous quality control systems: HPLC, SDS-PAGE, SEC, etc.

--A wide range of industrial-grade equipment: from 10L to 500L fermentation equipment to meet your production needs, lyophilisation of large batches of protein samples is available

--GMP-like production plant with standardised production management environment to ensure product quality

--One-stop technological service from protein expression preparation to large-scale protein production, protein purification, lyophilisation and subsequent identification, saving you time and cost

--Project traceability: regular reporting mechanism ensures that you are informed of the progress of your experiments remotely and the project is transparent


How to Order?

If you have any questions regarding our services or products, please feel free to contact us by E-mail: or Tel: +86-400-621-6806