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BCRP Inhibitor Screening Service

KMD Bioscience is a professional provider of preclinical CRO services with a team of highly skilled scientists to provide our clients with a rapid and high throughput drug target screening platform. We supply a wide range of compound library screening services to major research institutes and pharmaceutical companies. Our clients simply provide us with their compound libraries and we screen potential compounds using standard experimental procedures.

BCRP (breast cancer resistance protein) is a recently discovered member of the ABC transporter protein superfamily and is a transporter protein of current interest to the pharmaceutical industry due to its involvement in drug-drug interactions. BCRP has two main drug transport functions: firstly, it restricts the distribution of its substrates to organs such as the placenta, testis, brain and gastrointestinal tract (GIT); secondly, it removes substrates from excretory organs, mediating biliary and renal excretion and sometimes directing intestinal secretion. BCRP also plays a role in multidrug resistance syndromes in some cancers, where efflux transport proteins are overexpressed and cancer drugs are excreted from cells, leading to resistance to treatment.

Clinical evidence of BCRP inhibition as a mechanism for DDI with potential safety and efficacy implications has led the International Transporter Protein Consortium to identify BCRP as a key transporter protein to be evaluated during drug development. Identifying drugs that act as BCRP inhibitors may help to design better cancer treatment strategies and is essential for identifying potential drug-drug interactions.


BCRP Inhibitor Assay:


Several in vitro assays have been established in accordance with the objectives of the BCRP pharmacokinetic transport study.

ATPase Assay

Vesicle Assay

Cumulative Assay

Bidirectional Assay

Uptake Assay



Customer Provides:




Bioinformatics and pharmacological information

Target protein or peptide

Structural classification (e.g. flavonoids, alkaloids, etc.)

Purity >90%, concentration 1mg/ml

Solubility information

Produced and prepared by KMD Bioscience based on target sequences provided by the customer

Signaling pathways or targets, etc.

For more information, please visit Protein Platform


Cell lines: KMD Bioscience provides overexpression cell line construction service. For more information, please visit IOS overexpression stable cell line construction service.


Service Highlights:


--Multiple assay formats to choose from

--Customized production of stable cell lines

--High standards of quality control

--Fast turnaround time

--Accurate and reproducible results


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