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Nuclear Receptor Screening Service

KMD Bioscience is an experienced provider of preclinical CRO services with a team of dedicated scientists providing a rapid, high-throughput drug target screening platform. We provide a wide range of compound library screening services to major research institutes and pharmaceutical companies. Our clients simply hand over their compound libraries to us and we will screen the potential compounds using standard experimental procedures.

Nuclear receptors (NRs) are a group of proteins responsible for thyroid hormones and the perception of steroids and certain other molecules. The human genome contains 48 NRs with the function of encoding genes. They are a major family of eukaryotic transcription factors that control many processes involved in development, the cell cycle and key metabolic pathways. Typically, they activate transcription of the genome in response to the binding of cognate ligands, usually small lipophilic molecules (steroids, vitamins and fatty acid derivatives). Like many receptors, ligand binding induces conformational changes in the receptor, but what makes nuclear receptors unique is their ability to up- or down-regulate gene expression. This ability makes nuclear receptors interesting therapeutic and liability targets. 

By learning the diseases, pathways and channels in which each NR is involved, the outcome of modulation of unintended targets by targeted compounds can be more easily predicted. KMD Bioscience offers a comprehensive range of documented, optimized and selective whole-cell NR assays that are well-suited for investigating selectivity and potential drug-drug interactions. These include measurements of ligand binding activity, translocation of NRs and NR co-modulator interactions to characterize selectivity and potential off-target issues.

KMD Bioscience offers a wide range of cell-based NR assays to investigate the effect of drug candidates on nuclear receptor activity. We offer over 20 different cell-based assays to monitor receptor activation by nuclear translocation or NR co-activator interactions. If you have any specific nuclear receptor screening requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.


Service Content:


Functional NR Comprehensive Assay

* Comprehensive multiple NR protein interaction assay for measuring the enrichment of steroid cofactors on the measured NR

Flexible and Personalized Screening Methods

* Choose from our 31 NR assays to create a custom library of assays of any size, using only the NHR relevant to your project

Quantitative Binding Affinity for Compound-NR Interactions

* Quantitative affinity assay for any NR determination (10-point dose-response curve, performed in duplicate); measurements are performed under optimized conditions and can be performed for any NR/compound combination

Multiple Functional Readouts of the same Receptor

* Study of compound action by comparing the pharmacology of the same NR target using protein interactions and translocation reads


Customer Provides:




Bioinformatics and pharmacological information

Target protein or peptide

Structural classification (e.g. flavonoids, alkaloids, etc.)

Purity >90%, concentration 1mg/ml

Solubility information

Produced and prepared by KMD Bioscience based on target sequences provided by the customer

Signaling pathways or targets, etc.

For more information, please visit Protein Platform


Cell lines: KMD Bioscience provides overexpression cell line construction service. For more information, please visit IOS overexpression stable cell line construction service.


Service Highlights:


--Multiple assay formats to choose from

--Customized production of stable cell lines

--High standards of quality control

--Fast turnaround time

--Accurate and reproducible results


How to Order?

If you have any questions regarding our services or products, please feel free to contact us by E-mail: or Tel: +86-400-621-6806