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T Cell and Macrophage Immortalization

 T cell and macrophage immortalization has always been a research hotspot. KMD Bioscience has extensive experience in immortalized cell lines. We have successfully immortalized T cells and macrophages derived from goat, mouse and yak, etc. We have innovated a viral transfection technology with a high success rate. Equipped with advanced technologies and an experienced scientific team, KMD Bioscience can offer excellent solutions for T cell and macrophage immortalization, helping you obtain the desired results. This enables us to guarantee a high quality of service to deliver maximum quality and flexibility in all phases of the service lifecycle.  


SV40 Transfection:


Immortalized T cells and macrophages often help study tumors. At present, the methods of immortalization of T cells and macrophages mainly include SV40 infection and EBV infection. SV40 is a monkey kidney cell virus discovered and isolated in the early 1960s, and human is its natural host. SV40 has been widely used as an experimental model for mammalian replication and gene expression studies, and it can be a "probe" for high-efficiency cell function, which is associated with cell proliferation and the emergence of a variety of transformational phenotypes with tumors.

SV40 is a common method for immortalization of T cell and macrophage. It can alter the cell life cycle using its gene expression products, resulting in the formatting of immortalised bone marrow T cell-like lines.



Fig 1. T Cell/Macrophage Immortalization


Cell transformation caused by the SV40 virus is a complex process. It is generally believed that the transforming protein encoded by the SV40 virus acts on the plasma membrane of cells to change cell growth, and the transforming protein also acts on the nucleus to regulate DNA replication and gene expression.


Service Content:


-- Viral transduction of primary cells

-- Immortalized cell line construction services

-- Sorting of immortalized cells by flow cytometry

-- Cell line quality control (reproduce for 12 to 15 generations)

-- Cell proliferation, frozen storage and delivery


Customer Provides:


-- Isolated cells, at least 4 tubes, the number of cells in each tube > 106


Service Highlights:


-- Immortalized cell lines from any species or tissues with the function you need

-- Reliable lab report with timely update

-- Characterization according to your requirements

-- Fast turnaround time

-- Affordable price with the best quality


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