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Cell Biology Services


As the basic unit of organism structure and function, cells play an important role in the body's metabolic life activities. KMD Bioscience has been engaged in cell biology services for many years, accumulated rich experience in cell experiments, built a complete cell biology laboratory, and can provide customers with a variety of cell detection services, including fluorescence in situ hybridization, apoptosis detection, cell scratch experiment, cell flow cytometry, cell STR identification, double luciferase labeling detection, cell proliferation/toxicity detection, mycoplasma detection and clearance, primary cell customization and stem cell induced differentiation. Based on perfect platform construction and extensive operation experience,  KMD Bioscience provides customers with one-stop technical services from cell culture, plasmid transfection, to cell staining, image collection, cell biology function detection and other one-stop technical services to help customers’ cell biology research work.


Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization:  


Fluorescence in situ hybridization is a non-radioactive in situ hybridization technique. This technology replaces the in situ hybridization method of isotope labeling with fluorescent labeling, applies non-radioactive fluorescent substances relying on the principle of nucleic acid probe hybridization, and uses fluorescently labeled DNA probes to detect specific DNA sequences in cells, tissues and tumors, and then locates, qualitatively and quantitatively analyzes cellular nucleic acids. KMD Bioscience has been committed to cell biology technology research for many years, built a complete cell biology technology service platform, we can provide one-stop FISH technology services from probe design to gene expression research, our fluorescent reagents and probes are economical and safe, and can complete the required experiments in a short time, which can help you reduce the complex and time-consuming process of laboratory FISH operation, while reducing experimental costs, saving valuable samples, and helping your scientific research.


Apoptosis Assay:  


As a basic biological phenomenon of cells, apoptosis refers to the autonomous and orderly death of cells controlled by genes in order to maintain the stability of the internal environment. It involves the activation, expression and regulation of a series of genes, and the general process includes 4 stages, namely: induction of initiation, intracellular regulation, implementation and phagocytosis transport of apoptotic cells. KMD Bioscience has been committed to establishing a perfect cell culture platform for many years, and KMD Bioscience can provide customers with a variety of basic cytology experiments. Relying on superior technical equipment and complete platform construction, we can provide customers with apoptosis detection services. The apoptosis detection service provided by KMD Bioscience can be used to detect apoptosis status and analyze the proportion of apoptotic cells in different types and periods. The method of detection differs depending on the period of apoptosis.


Cell Scratch Assay:  


KMD Bioscience has been committed to cell biology technology research for many years, and the cell culture platform established can complete a variety of basic cytology experiments, and we can provide customers with cell scratch experiments. Cell scratch assay is a simple, convenient and economical in vitro test method to study cell migration ability, which can be used to detect the invasion and metastasis ability of growing tumor cells.

KMD Bioscience has an experimental team composed of experienced researchers, our scientists have accumulated rich experience in cell technology research. KMD Bioscience can provide a unique summary in each cell experiment operation step, and can quickly complete the specified experiment in a very short time, with a mature technical level, get high-quality "scratches", ensure the consistency of "scratches", and have good experimental repeatability to ensure that customers get ideal and reliable experimental results, which can not only shorten the experimental cycle, but also save valuable scientific research time.


Cell Flow Cytometry:  


Flow cytometry (FCM) is a technique that rapidly determines the biological, physical, and chemical properties of a single cell or organelle and quantifies and sorts the desired cell or organelle based on these properties. Cell flow cytometry is a new and rapidly developing biomedical analysis technique that can be used to understand the mean and distribution of cell populations, and to sort cells of interest for further culture studies.

Relying on a mature technical service platform, KMD Bioscience can provide cell flow cytometry services for cell surface antigens, which is one of the commonly used flow cytometry analysis methods. After the cells are incubated with fluorescently labeled antibodies, flow cytometry enables comparison of differences in cell surface protein expression between experimental groups treated with different conditions. Our company has a variety of data processing and analysis systems, can provide customers with one-stop technical services from cell processing to data analysis, and can also provide after-sales technical consultation to solve customer problems and meet customer needs.


Cell STR Identification:  


STR (Short Tandem Repeat) gene loci is composed of short tandem repeats with a length of 3~7 base pairs, which are widely present in the human genome and can be used as a marker of high polymorphism, known as the DNA fingerprint of the cell, which can be compared with the professional cell STR database according to the STR typing results obtained to calculate the cell line to which the sample belongs or the cell line name that may be cross-contaminated. STR has been widely used in paternity testing, individual identification, judicial identification, traffic accident identification, (hematopoietic stem cell) transplantation post-treatment chimera monitoring and other fields.

KMD Bioscience's well-established technology services platform provides you with expert STR identification to help validate cell lines. With the rapid growth of cell use in different areas, the potential risk of cross-contamination of cell cultures is gradually increasing. Cross-contamination between cultured cell lines and misidentification of cell lines are persistent problems, occurring between 16% and 35%. KMD Bioscience's technical experts provide customers with accurate and fast cell STR identification services.


Diluciferase Labeling Assay:  


The biluciferase labeling gene detection system provided by KMD Bioscience is a gene reporting technology based on in vivo expression and catalysis of firefly luciferase and sea kidney luciferase. The transcriptional regulatory element of the target gene (i.e., the 5' promoter region) was cloned upstream with the luciferase gene plasmid, or the 3'-UTR region of the target gene was cloned downstream with the luciferase gene plasmid to construct a reporter plasmid. Luciferase activity is determined by lysing cells after treating the cells with appropriate medcine, etc. by transfecting the cells. The transcriptional regulation effect of medcine treatment on the target gene was judged by the level of luciferase activity. Sea kidney luciferase is used as an internal reference for transfection to correct the transfection efficiency of transfection between different samples.

Relying on the cell biology technology platform established by our company, we can provide high-quality diluciferase labeling gene detection services, which have the advantage of containing two luciferase enzymes expressed simultaneously in the same cell. By using the "control" of co-transfection as the internal reference to provide a baseline for the experiment, after normalization, the influence of external factors such as cell viability and transfection efficiency on the experiment can be reduced as much as possible, and the experimental accuracy weakened by the internal changing factors can be reduced, making the experimental data more reliable. We can also develop personalized experimental protocols for customers to choose according to their actual requirements, so as to save your valuable scientific research time.


Cell Proliferation/Toxicity Testing:  


Cell proliferation is an important vital feature of an organism, and cells multiply in a dividing manner. Through division, the copied genetic material can be evenly distributed into two daughter cells, which is the basis for the growth, development, reproduction and inheritance of organisms. Cell proliferation detection can indicate the proliferative activity of tumor cells, cell proliferation activity of transient/stable cell lines of target genes, and plays an important role in the screening and functional safety of small molecule compounds/peptides, the screening and functional safety of traditional Chinese medicines/intermediates and other medcine, the gene function of target gene overexpression, and the gene function of target gene RNAi interference.

Cytotoxicity is a simple cell-killing event caused by synthetic compounds, naturally occurring toxicity of cells, or immunomodulatory cells (e.g., cytotoxic T lymphocytes, natural killer cells, etc.). Cytotoxicity analysis can be used in basic research and medcine discovery to screen toxic compound libraries. Compounds that produce cytotoxic reactions can be eliminated in subsequent screening; Alternatively, compounds targeting rapidly dividing cells can be selected as candidates for cancer therapy.

KMD Bioscience has been committed to cell biology technology research for many years. Based on advanced technical equipment and complete platform construction, KMD Bioscience mainly uses MTT and CCK-8 two ways for customers to carry out cell proliferation/toxicity detection services. KMD Bioscience has experienced technicians to efficiently analyze cell proliferation or cytotoxicity.


Mycoplasma Detection and Clearance:   


Cell biology scientists at KMD Bioscience have more than 10 years of experience. We have many years of experience in mycoplasma clearance and offer a variety of mycoplasma assays, including microbial culture, DNA staining, enzyme biochemistry, PCR, Elisa assay, RNA/DNA hybridization, and isothermal amplification. Without detection, mycoplasma contamination is difficult to see with the naked eye, and despite the use of antibiotics, mycoplasma contamination may be present and persistent, and may affect cells. In contaminated cell cultures, these bacteria compete for nutrients with target cells. They affect levels of DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis, alter gene expression and affect cell membranes, organelles, cell morphology, and antigenicity. As a result, they can inhibit cell growth, cell metabolism, and may lead to cell death. Therefore, undetected mycoplasma contamination will fundamentally affect the validity of the results.


Primary Cell Customization:    


Primary cells are those that are cultured immediately after removal from the body and once isolated, they are placed in an artificial environment in plastic or glass containers containing specialized media containing essential nutrients and growth factors to support proliferation. When performing primary cell culture, researchers gain the opportunity to study the donor rather than just the cell. When building an experimental model, several factors can be considered, such as age, medical history, race, and gender. With the trend towards personalized medicine, this donor variability and tissue complexity can only be achieved by using primary cells, and it is difficult to replicate with cell lines that are very systematic and unified in nature and fail to capture the true diversity of living tissue.

KMD Bioscience has a team of experienced technical experts to provide high-value services to customers' projects. KMD Bioscience's experts have extensive experience in handling and working with human primary cells. We can provide customers with high-quality primary cell customization services for use in customers' experimental projects. KMD Bioscience offers a comprehensive range of cryopreservation or fresh primary cell products, provides customers with multi-disciplinary research support, and we guarantee the legitimacy of all cell sources. We use serum-free cryopreservation media to ensure high viability of thawed cells and the number of cells available to customers after proper thawing.


Stem Cell Induced Differentiation:    


KMD Bioscience has been committed to the field of cell research for many years, and our cell biology platform has a team of professional technical experts to provide high-value services for customers' projects. Differentiation is the process by which unspecialized cells acquire cellular characteristics to perform specialized functions. In fact, the real potential of iPSCs lies in their direct differentiation into various types of somatic cells. In order to treat diseases using iPSCs or as research tools to study diseases, fully functional, specialized cells are needed to test potential medcine or transplant healthy cells at the clinical stage. KMD Bioscience offers protocols to differentiate iPSCs into a variety of lineage-directed cell types, expanding the scope of your research, medcine discovery, or screening projects.


Service Advantages:  


--Rich experimental experience, with senior technical personnel and service departments, experimenters have many years of successful experimental experience, can ensure the authenticity of experimental data, get ideal experimental results

--Strict experimental environment, high-quality high-precision instruments and equipment, perfect experimental platform

--Provide detailed and complete experimental reports, including the original results of the experiment, each experimental parameter, which can be directly used for the writing of papers

--With a mature cell culture platform, it can formulate personalized experimental protocols for customers and provide a real one-stop technical service experience


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