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Cell Flow Cytometry Services

KMD Bioscience has been committed to cell biology technology research for many years, has experienced experimental technicians. KMD Bioscience has been engaged in flow cytometry operation for many years, and has accumulated rich experience in cell operation, mature and stable technology, standardized operation process, to ensure to provide customers with real and reliable results. With advanced technical equipment and a complete cell culture platform, using advanced flow cytometers and other precision instruments, combined with specific detection reagents, KMD Bioscience can enable customers to get satisfactory cell flow cytometry reports in a short time and experience high-quality cell flow cytometry services. Other than that KMD Bioscience has a variety of data processing and analysis systems, which can provide customers with one-stop technical services from cell processing, on-machine detection and data analysis, and can also provide after-sales technical consultation to solve customer problems and meet customer needs.

Flow cytometry (FCM) is a technique that rapidly determines the biological, physical, and chemical properties of a single cell or organelle and quantifies and sorts the desired cell or organelle based on these properties. It can be used for DNA ploidy analysis, quantitative research of intracellular proteins and nucleic acids, cell sorting, etc., and also used in tumor cell screening and characterization, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis cell characterization, virus infection detection and other medical fields. Flow cytometry sorting, which can separate the subsets of luminescent particles according to the fluorescence intensity and wavelength of the emitted light and realize monoclonal sorting, can identify, classify, quantify and isolate cells in complex samples, and can perform ultra-high-speed sorting and purification of one to four specific cells at the same time, high-throughput monoclonal sorting or cell chip preparation.

KMD Bioscience can provide customers with flow cytometry services including suspension cells (e.g., B cells), adherent cells or single-cell suspensions isolated from solid tissues, blood, various body fluids and other biological particles (e.g., intracellular cytokines), as well as single-B cell isolation and sorting for single-B cell screening technology, and can analyze various parameters such as intracellular DNA, RNA, proteins, and cell surface antigens to solve customer problems and support customers' project research.


Experimental Principle and Application:


The basic principle of flow cytometry is to laser beam cells suspended in a liquid individually through an elongated tube under the pressure of the gas. Fluorescently stained cells are irradiated with lasers to produce scattered and fluorescent light. The scattered light signal is divided into forward angle scattering and lateral angle scattering, forward angle scattering reflects the size of the cell, while lateral angle scattering reflects the internal structure of the cell, and the more complex the structure, the stronger the lateral angle scattering. Fluorescent light is due to some substances in the cell produced, fluorescent dyes and specific antibodies or molecules so that it can be combined with the cell surface or specific molecules in the cell, different fluorescent dyes by laser excitation will produce different wavelengths of fluorescence, this fluorescence is converted into electrical signals, through the further analysis of electrical signals to determine the type, quantity, state and other information of cells. After flow cytometry, specified cells can also be isolated from the cell population by different positive and negative charges.

The advantage of flow cytometry is that it can perform high-throughput analysis of a large number of cells, while individual cells can be analyzed to obtain more accurate data. Flow cytometry can be used in cell analysis, cell sorting, cell culture and other fields, and is widely used in biomedical research, drug development, clinical diagnosis, etc


Cell Flow Cytometry Service Pocess:


Experimental steps


Sample delivery requirements

Cell samples

* Cells reach the required number of assays (cell cycle 1×106, apoptosis 3×106), grow well and do not contaminate, and are derived from humans, mice, rats and other species (live cells or cryopreserved cells)



Fresh peripheral blood

* EDTA or heparin anticoagulant whole blood collected within 24h, about 5ml of human blood; 1-5 ml of mouse or rat blood


Experimental process

Cell processing

1-2 weeks


Fluorescent staining

1 week


On-machine detection



Remaining samples, remaining antibodies, cell staining imaging photos, detailed experimental report (including complete experimental procedure and result analysis)




Service Advantages:


--Years of experience in cell flow cytometry services, ensuring scientificity, accuracy and reliability in experimental protocol design, sample preparation, data analysis, etc

--Advanced cell laboratory, complete cell culture platform, superb experimental operation level, high detection efficiency, and flow cytometry test report can be issued in a short time

--With advanced flow cytometer and other important instruments, the detection data is more accurate, the sensitivity is higher, the sample loading is small, and the sample and reagent are saved

--A variety of antibodies for flow cytometry and cell lines can be prepared on demand, with good detection results

--Provide detailed and complete experimental reports, including the original results of the experiment, the experimental steps of cell detection, the collation of data analysis results and further analysis

--Provide one-stop technical services from cell culture, cell staining to picture photography, data analysis and so on


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