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Kinase Screening Service

KMD Bioscience has decades of experience in providing kinase products and services to meet a wide range of drug discovery research needs. Whether you require high-quality active proteins for in-house research and drug discovery screening or wish to outsource your custom protein production, assay development, and kinase selectivity analysis, our team can support your project.

Protein kinases are involved in many cellular signaling pathways and play a variety of roles in signaling and regulating complex cellular processes essential for life. Overexpression or dysregulation of protein kinases leads to a wide range of diseases and therefore provides many targets for drug development. Currently, approximately 24% of research spending on drug discovery and development is focused on kinases. Given the huge demand for small molecules targeting such proteins, several technologies and platforms have been developed to discover kinase inhibitors, including biochemical-based functional assays and compound binding competition assays.

Protein kinases are among the representative drug targets because they are involved in pathological conditions such as cancer, neurological diseases, inflammatory diseases, and metabolic problems. Classical approaches to analyze kinase activity include the quantification of phosphotransferase by detecting the production of phosphorylation products or changes in the ATP to ADP ratio. To support kinase drug discovery, KMD Bioscience offers high-quality, time-saving and cost-effective kinase solutions for assay development, high throughput screening (HTS) and selective analysis.


Key Roles of Kinases in Human Biology:


--An important component of cellular signal transduction

--Regulates numerous cellular processes through phosphorylation of multiple substrates (proteins, lipids, sugars)

-- Approximately 518 protein kinases in the human genome (388 S/T, 90Tyr, 40atypical) and more

--More than one-third of human proteins are phosphorylated


Fluorescence-based Assay Analysis:


Fluorescence Intensity (FI) Measurement

Fluorescence Polarization (FP) Measurement

Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)

Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF)

Time-Resolved Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (TR-FRET)

Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay

Fluorescent Detection

Mobility Shift Assay

Ligand Binding Assay


Customer Provides:




Bioinformatics and pharmacological information

Target protein or peptide

Structural classification (e.g. flavonoids, alkaloids, etc.)

Purity >90%, concentration 1mg/ml

Solubility information

Produced and prepared by KMD Bioscience based on target sequences provided by the customer

Signaling pathways or targets, etc.

For more information, please visit Protein Platform

Cell lines: KMD Bioscience provides overexpression cell line construction service. For more information, please visit IOS overexpression stable cell line construction service.


Service Highlights:


--Multiple assay formats to choose from

--High-quality control standards at attractive prices

--Fast turnaround time

--Accurate and reproducible results

--Suitable for different kinases and multiple substrates

--Distinguish between competitive and non-competitive inhibitors of ATP


How to Order?

If you have any questions regarding our services or products, please feel free to contact us by E-mail: or Tel: +86-400-621-6806