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 Protein DeNovo Sequencing Service

KMD Bioscience has been dedicated to protein expression and sequencing research for over 10 years. Amino acid sequence analysis of proteins is the foundation and key to protein research. The information obtained through protein sequencing has many valuable applications, such as protein identification, probe design for molecular cloning, and peptide synthesis for immunogens. Based on high-resolution mass spectrometry, We can provide customers with high fidelity antibody and protein sequencing services.

KMD Bioscience has highly skilled laboratory technicians with extensive experience in protein and antibody sequencing, and is able to provide mass spectrometry-based protein sequencing analysis services. Combined with bioinformatics databases, our sequencing platform can realize rapid and accurate analysis of protein primary structure, and can also provide protein N-terminal sequencing services. 


Protein DeNovo Sequencing Service:           


KMD Bioscience is equipped with high-quality Orbitrap Fusion Lumos mass spectrometer and has established a perfect database, which can provide high-quality protein sequencing service for our customers. Given different experimental needs, we also provide researchers with the Edman degradation method to determine the length up to 67 amino acid sequences at the N-terminus of proteins.

Generally, the protein is digested into a peptide of 5-25 amino acids by mass spectrometry, then analyzed and detected by mass spectrometer, and the collected data is matched with the theoretical sequence database. Mass spectrometry can also perform de novo sequencing, providing a solution for the determination of completely new or no theoretical database of protein sequences.

After the customer sends the protein product to KMD Bioscience, we will first identify and fragment the protein sample using the commonly used 6 proteases, including Trypsin, Chymotrypsin, Asp-N, Glu-C, Lys-C, and Lys-, in order to get as many kinds of fragmented sequences as possible and realize the full coverage of protein sequences. Sequence information from peptide mass spectrometry sequencing is spliced by PEAKs Studio (for protein products) and PEAKs Ab (for antibody products) software with manual assistance to get correctly spliced protein or antibody primary sequences



Figure 1 Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Mass Spectrometer


Service Highlights:    


--KMD Bioscience sequencing service implements strict quality control and adopts the principle of wide-in, narrow-out, which realizes the accurate identification of protein sequences without omitting valid data information.

--Compared with the previous generation Orbitrap Elite mass spectrometer, the Orbitrap Fusion Lumos mass spectrometer used in our laboratory improves the speed of primary and secondary mass spectrometry scanning while ensuring the accuracy of peptide molecular weight.

--Combined with our sequence splicing logic algorithm and the processing power of our commercial software (based on PEAKS software analysis), we are able to differentiate amino acids with close molecular weights. For example, we are able to achieve differential analysis of glutamine and lysine with a molecular weight difference of 0.03Da.

--Our sequencing platform is capable of distinguishing different variants of homologous amino acids, and accurate determination of leucine and isoleucine can be achieved by the characteristic peaks of secondary fragmentation fragments. Our system is also capable of distinguishing amino acid molecules with post-transcriptional modifications. 


Sample Requirement:                


--Protein samples: >90% purity (SDS-PAGE result), at least 100ug 

--Try not to contain BSA in the sample. Prior communication is required before sending samples


How to Order?                    


If you have any questions regarding our services or products, please feel free to contact us by E-mail: or Tel: +86-400-621-6806