Antibody Sequencing Service

KMD Bioscience's quality service is based on our extensive experience in the field of antibodiesMonoclonal antibody molecules play a crucial role in biosimilar development and diagnostic reagent development. The antibody molecule's primary structure, especially the amino acid sequence of its CDR region is the core of its biological function, and its accurate and rapid analysis of the complete sequence is of great significance. We can provide fast and reliable antibody sequencing services based on ultra-high-resolution mass spectrometry and high-fidelity gene cloning technology.

KMD Bioscience is experienced in antibody sequencing and can deliver high-quality sequencing results in a short period of time. KMD Bioscience uses the advanced Orbitrap Fusion Lumos mass spectrometer and powerful antibody sequencing data processing software: PEAKS AB Software, combined with gene sequencing and bioinformatics database, establishing a new generation of antibody sequencing platform to achieve fast and accurate antibody sequencing. Our analysis ensures the accuracy of each antibody sequencing. Our platform is suitable for different subtypes of antibodies such as IgA, IgE, IgG and IgM, as well as different forms of antibodies, such as fluorescently coupled antibodies and immobilized antibodies. It is suitable for different species.


Project Features:


--Design and finish LC-MS/MS analysis with only 200ug antibody

--De novo protein sequencing technology based on protein database

--Applicable to all species of antibodies and different antibody subtypes

--Direct quantitative post-transcriptional modification and variant sequences

--Results within 14 days


Service Process:



Service Highlights:


-- Superb Accuracy Assurance

KMD Bioscience's sequencing services perform strict quality control, using the principle of wide-in and narrow-out to achieve accurately identify antibody sequences without missing any valid data information. The Orbitrap Fusion Lumos mass spectrometer currently used in our laboratory, compared to the previous generation Orbitrap Elite mass spectrometer, Lumos improves the accuracy of the peptide's molecular weight while improving the scanning speed of the primary and secondary mass spectrometry. Our antibody sequencing platform, combined with our industry benchmark logic algorithms and powerful processing capabilities (based on PEAKS software analysis), makes it easier and more accurate to distinguish amino acids with similar molecular weights that are difficult to be identified by conventional techniques, such as glutamine and lysine with molecular weight differences of 0.03Da.



-- High Sequence Coverage Assurance

KMD Bioscience uses up to 8 various proteases to digest the target antibody for different project needs and uses PEAKS software to automatically achieve the accuracy of the full sequence splicing between different weight chain enzyme digestion peptide segments. For the antibody complementarity determining region (CDR region), a peptide sequence containing a single site is generated ten times at least, and high coverage is ensured to ensure accurate splicing of subsequent antibody sequences.


-- Powerful Modification Analysis Capabilities

Supported by KMD Bioscience antibody sequencing platform, we can efficiently distinguish different variants of homologous amino acids, and the accurate determination of leucine and isoleucine can be achieved by the characteristic peaks of the secondary fragment. Post-transcriptional modified amino acid molecules can be effectively distinguished with this platform. It's suitable for sequencing of fluorescently labeled monoclonal antibodies, and other non-traditional antibodies. Advanced antibody sequencing technology is our reliable support that enables us to perform small-group sequencing efficiently, such as FITC, Biotin, Alexa and other labeled antibodies. By increasing the antibody amount, we can also perform the sequencing of antibodies similar to large protein groups such as GST. Our technology is suitable for various antibody sequencing work, and we have successfully sequenced antibodies from mice, rabbits, alpacas, hamsters and sheep. In practice, IgM sequencing methods are similar to IgG, except that the former requires more protein samples.


-- Strict Sequence Prediction and Strict Sequence Verification

For each antibody sequencing project, KMD Bioscience will give specific experimental protocols. First, a sequence prediction on the target antibody will be performed. If the customer provides hybridomas, we can also perform antibody sequencing and then combine mRNA sequencing information to ensure the accuracy of the antibody's single aminoacid sequencing. Meanwhile, our scientists will also establish a database based on the sequence, and use the sequence confirmation mode to perform a second comparison analysis of the collected mass spectrometry data to ensure that the delivered product is correct.


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