Bovine Single B Cell Screening Service

KMD Bioscience has been working on antibody development for over 9 years. Our scientific team has continued to experiment, validate, and invest in research and development over these nine years. We insist on providing high-quality antibody production services and have established a mature and perfect antibody production platform, which can provide customers with customized monoclonal antibody services of different species. Based on the single B cell technology, KMD Bioscience can provide bovine monoclonal antibody development with high affinity and high specificity to meet the needs of our customers for later-stage studies.


Bovine Single B Cell Sorting Service Background:


Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are often selected from antigen-specific single B cells derived from different hosts, which are notably short-lived in ex vivo culture conditions and hence, arduous to interrogate. The development of several new techniques and protocols has facilitated the isolation and retrieval of antibody-coding sequences of antigen-specific B cells by also leveraging the miniaturization of reaction volumes. Alternatively, mAbs can be generated independently of antigen-specific B cells, comprising display technologies and, more recently, artificial intelligence-driven algorithms. 

The bovine monoclonal antibody has a unique advantage in studying antigen structure. The ultra-long CDR3 ring of bovine antibodies is the longest CDR3 ring (50-61 amino acids) in other species and facilitates the recognition of deep epitopes. Correlation structure and deep sequencing analysis showed that the CDR3 hyper length ring contains an even number of cysteines, forming a unique structure in which cysteine is involved in the formation of a diverse disulfide "knob" domain supported by a beta chain "handle". This long CDR3 ring allows bovine antibodies to attack a variety of bacteria and viruses or latch onto molecular targets more effectively, giving them higher antigen-binding abilities, especially antigens that are not recognized by conventional antibodies, such as GPCRs.


Advantages of Bovine Single B Cell Sorting Service:


There are many advantages to using bovine single B cell sorting services:

1. High specificity and affinity: The antibodies produced using this service have high specificity and affinity for their target antigens, making them ideal for use in a wide range of applications, including diagnostics, therapeutics, and research.

2. Increased diversity: Bovine immune systems have a greater diversity of antibody sequences than human or mouse systems, which increases the chances of finding unique and useful antibodies.

3. Large-scale production: The single B cell sorting service can produce large quantities of high-quality antibodies cost-effectively, making it an ideal choice for commercial antibody production.

4. Reduced animal usage: The use of single B cell sorting service requires fewer animals than traditional antibody production methods, reducing the overall number of animals used in research.

5. Faster production times: The single B cell screening service can produce high-quality antibodies in a shorter time frame than other methods, which can be useful for time-sensitive projects.

6. High throughput b cell screening: This service allows for the screening of a large number of antibodies in a short amount of time, which is useful for identifying the most effective antibodies for a particular application. High throughput B cell screening finds applications across various fields, including antibody discovery, vaccine development, immunotherapy, and immune profiling. By enabling the rapid identification and characterization of antibodies with desired specificities, high throughput b cell screening drives innovation and advances our understanding of immunity, disease pathogenesis, and therapeutic interventions.

KMD Bioscience builds the bovine single B cell monoclonal antibody development platform with its core technology. By taking advantage of the bovine immune system itself, KMD Bioscience obtains bovine B lymphocytes with high specificity and high affinity, screens B lymphocytes to obtain antibody genes and sequences, and obtains bovine mab through recombinant expression, which has a high success rate and superior quality. Hope to help you with your scientific research and applications.


Single B Cell Sorting Service Process:




Single B Cell Sorting Service Workflow:





Step1: Bovine Immunization

* A Bovine was immunized 5-7 times

* Serum titers were measured by ELISA and collected peripheral blood (immunogen: protein, peptide, small molecule, virus)

9-10 weeks

Step2: B cell enrichment and screening

* Collection of lymphocytes or PBMCs by density gradient centrifugation from a few milliliters of animal blood

* Fluorescent staining of plasma cells with endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-tracker

* Sorting of stained cells by fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS)

* Adsorption of cells binding to the antigen using antigen-coated magnetic beads

* Separation of one cell per 10 µL into a 384-well plate

* Selection and confirmation of cell-bead complexes under an inverted phase-contrast microscope


Step3: Single B cell sequencing


* High throughput B cell sequencing


Step4: Antibody table and purification

* Antibody small transfection or amplification

Concrete analysis




--High throughput B cell Screening results report

--FACS binder of ensure sequence diversity

--ELISA test results reported

--Positive clones

--Single B Cell Sequencing raw data

--Specific sequence

--High affinity antibody sequence



Single B Cell Sorting Service Highlights:


--High affinity and high specificity

--Sequence diversity

--Multiple antibody expression validation options are available

--Antibody sequence humanization service is available

--Rich experience accumulation, skilled operation level, to ensure the success rate of the experiment

--Strict quality control system and standardized operation process, to ensure the delivery of high-quality antibodies

--A variety of antibody purification techniques and schemes are available

--Antigen immune diversification

--Diversified antibody detection methods

--Perfect antibody production platform construction: with mature antibody and protein platforms, multiple expression systems to choose from, multiple immune pathways, and synchronous experiments, to provide a guarantee for obtaining better quality monoclonal antibodies

--Complete results analysis, provide detailed experimental process reports and deliver products

--Customized services: personalized customized single B Cell Sorting services are provided to meet customers' actual needs


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