Alpaca Single B Cell Screening Service

KMD Bioscience is experienced in antibody production, supported by a professional team and advanced equipment, we can provide you with high-quality recombinant monoclonal antibody production services, covering rabbit, mouse, camel, sheep, chicken, etc. The single B cell antibody production technology is faster, and has higher throughput and high specificity than traditional methods. Using this technology, KMD Bioscience can obtain genes encoding antibodies by direct PCR from single B cells obtained by screening, providing you with a one-stop service for sequencing, expression vector construction, expression identification, and purification. KMD Bioscience can produce alpaca monoclonal antibodies with high specificity and affinity for you in a short cycle time. Save more time for your research.


Alpaca Single B Cell Sorting Background:


Alpacas produce two types of antibodies: (i) conventional antibodies consisting of heavy and light chain dimers, and (ii) a class of antibodies with only heavy chains and no light chains, known as heavy chain antibodies (hcAb). As shown in Figure 1, D, the alpaca heavy chain antibody lacks the light chain and consists of four HCs and two VHs, where the VH region is also known as the nanobody or single domain antibody (sdAb). Alpaca antibodies have many advantages over traditional antibodies, including high stability, ease of genetic modification, poor immunogenicity, high specificity, high affinity, and high expression in eukaryotic or prokaryotic systems. It is widely used in current antibody biosimilar research due to its high similarity to the amino acid sequence of human antibody heavy chains, making it easier to humanize.

In recent years, single B cell monoclonal antibody development has been an emerging technology to produce antibodies. Using single B cell cloning technology, KMD Bioscience extracts lymphocytes from the peripheral blood or immune organs of alpacas identifies and isolates specific B cells by sorting technologies, and then cultures them as single cells. The specificity of the single B cells for antibody secretion is identified using reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and antibody-specific primers, the specific antibody gene is amplified by PCR, cloned into an expression vector, and expressed in a system selected by the client, and the purified antibody is validated for expression by ELISA and other methods. KMD Bioscience uses single B cell monoclonal antibody discovery to produce high-quality antibodies with high success rates to support your experiments.

Figure 1 A, conventional IgG; B,Fab fragment of conventional antibody; C, single chain Fv fragment of conventional antibody;

D, heavy chain or camel-like antibody; E, VH region of camel-like antibody or single domain antibody (sdAb)


Alpaca Single B Cell Sorting Service Process:




Alpaca Single B Cell Sorting Service Workflow:






Antigen Production (selectable)

* Semi-antigen modification/complete antigen production

Concrete analysis


Animal Immunization

* Antigen emulsification, immunization of alpacas 4-5 times

* ELISA titer assays

* Antiserum collection



B Cell Enrichment and Screening

* PBMC separation

* FACS Assay, ELISA Assay



Single B Cell Sequencing


* High throughput B cell sequencing



Antibody Expression and Purification (selectable)

* Small-scale transfection or amplification of antibodies

Concrete analysis


Alpaca Single B Cell Sorting Service Highlights:


--Short cycle time

--Sequence diversity

--Multiple antibody expression validation options are available

--Antibody humanization service is available

--Unrestricted genus

--Antibody sequences are available

--Higher specificity and affinity of the obtained antibodies

--Extensive experience

--Strict QC system

--Customized services are available to meet your specific needs


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