Recombinant Antibody Development Services

Recombinant antibody expression is a key link in the development process of a series of important target antibodies, such as high-affinity antibody and humanized antibody screening, antibody expansion production and antibody downstream function verification, and is also a key technology for the industrialization of monoclonal antibody drugs. At the same time, recombinant antibody expression also solves the problem that monoclonal hybridoma cell lines obtained by hybridoma technology may lose high-quality monoclonal antibodies due to cell contamination and improper preservation of cell lines, etc. We only need to sequence hybridoma cells to obtain the gene sequence of monoclonal antibodies, and produce the required antibodies through recombinant expression. Recombinant antibodies are widely used in immunodiagnosis, ELISA kit development, immunological detection, biomarker recognition, therapeutic antibodies and other fields.


Figure 1 Humanized Rabbit IgG


KMD Bioscience has established a complete recombinant antibody preparation and production system based on a mature protein expression platform. It has prokaryotic expression systems (including but not limited to BL21, Nissle 1917, Rosetta and other prokaryotic expression host systems) and lactation expression systems (including but not limited to Expi 293F and freestyle) Multiple mammal host systems such as 293F, CHO-S, CHO-K1, 293T, etc., and yeast expression systems (including but not limited to Pichia Pastoris expression systems such as GS115, X33, etc., and Saccharomyces cerevicae expression systems) are suitable for antibody expression, and each expression system has a supporting soluble high expression vector independently designed by KMD Biology. Can provide customers with including but not limited to VHH, scFv, Fab, various species (including but not limited to human, mouse, rabbit and other species of antibodies as well as chimeric antibodies, humanized antibodies, etc.) and various subtypes of IgG (including IgG1, IgG2, IgG3, IgG4, etc.) and various types of antibody fusion proteins (including single chain antibodies) Recombinant antibody preparation services for fusion protein, VHH fusion protein, etc. At the same time, with the GMP/GLP fermentation platform and multiple specifications of systems (including but not limited to 5L, 10L, 30L, 80L, 130L and 250L fermentation systems), KMD Bioscience is able to provide customers with high-quality recombinant antibody expression services in different expression yields up to 5g/L levels.

KMD Bioscience can provide one-stop recombinant antibody expression services from sequence analysis (including transmembrane analysis, hydrophilic analysis, etc.), label design (including but not limited to affinity labels, solubilizing labels, biotinylation labels, etc.), linker design, carrier construction design, recombinant antibody expression to antibody purification. At the same time, KMD Biological can also provide antibody labeling, affinity verification, ELISA verification, flow verification, immunological detection, drug antibody screening and other supporting downstream detection and verification experiments. Customers only need to inform the antibody sequence and project requirements, KMD scientists can design customized project solutions for customers' projects, and provide strong technical support for customers' scientific research projects.


Service Process



Service Content


Vector Construction

Sequence analysis design + codon optimization + gene synthesis + vector construction

2-3 weeks

Prokaryotic expression of recombinant antibody

Expression strain transformation +3-5 clonal expression identification (SDS-PAGE) + antibody amplification (1.5L system)

2-3 weeks

Recombinant antibody expression in lactation

Endotoxin-free plasmid preparation + mammalian cell transfection (200ml system) + Antibody expression verification (SDS-PAGE, WB)

2-3 weeks

Expression of recombinant antibody by yeast

Transformed Pichia Pastoris/Saccharomyces cerevisiae +20 clones (PCR identification) +3-5 positive clones for antibody expression + amplification of antibody expression (1L)

6-8 weeks

Antibody Purification

Nickel column purification /Protein A/G purification

1 week


Expression vector 1, expression strain 1 (prokaryotic/yeast), recombinant protein, purity >85% (SDS-PAGE)



Services Available


Expression System

Expression Antibody Type

Host System

Prokaryotic expression system

VHH and VHH fusion proteins or various labels, scFv and scFv fusion proteins or various labels, humanized single chain antibodies, etc

BL21、Nissle 1917、Rosetta, etc

Lactation expression system

VHH and VHH fusion proteins or various labels, scFv and scFv fusion proteins or various labels, various species IgG, various species Fab, humanized antibodies, chimeric antibodies, etc

Expi 293F、freestyle 293F、CHO-S、CHO-K1、293T, etc

Yeast expression system

VHH and VHH fusion proteins or various labels, scFv and scFv fusion proteins or various labels, humanized single chain antibodies, etc

GS115、X33, etc

Note: KMD Bioscience can provide analytical services such as tag selection, linker design, carrier construction and host selection, please contact us if you have any requests.


Project Case



Figure 2 VHH1-FC Figure 3 VHH2-FC


Advantage of Service


-- Detailed personalized customization scheme (including sequence analysis and scheme design)

-- A variety of labels can be selected: affinity labels, solubilizing labels, biotinylation labels, etc

-- All kinds of supporting downstream validation experiments: antibody labeling, affinity validation, ELISA validation, flow validation, etc

-- Preparation of recombinant antibodies of various species: human, mouse, rabbit, sheep, etc

-- Expression of multiple types of recombinant antibodies: VHH, scFv, Fab, IgG, chimeric antibodies, humanized antibodies, antibody fusion proteins, etc

Multiple expression systems are available: prokaryotic system, mammalian system, yeast system, etc

-- Supporting self-designed soluble high expression vector

-- Multiple expression modes: stable expression and instantaneous expression

-- Low endotoxin levels: LAL assay <0.1EU/ug

-- Complete GMP documentation support system to ensure that all materials, reagents and preparation information of your products can be traced

-- Multiple specification systems: 5L, 10L, 30L, 80L, 130L and 250L and other fermentation systems

-- Multiple purification systems: nickel column purification, Protein A/G purification, molecular sieve and other purification systems


How to Order?

If you have any questions regarding our services or products, please feel free to contact us by E-mail: or Tel: +86-400-621-6806;

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