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Antibody Humanization Platform


Introduction to Antibody Humanization Platform



KMD Bioscience has rich industry experience in the field of antibody humanization, providing customers with personalized antibody humanization services. Our antibody humanization service project involves non-human primates, mice, rabbits, alpacas, chickens, and dogs, and can meet various needs of customers. Recombinant antibody technology is widely used in clinical practice, however, the immunogenicity of animal derived antibodies limits the treatment of diseases. The production of humanized antibodies can solve the problem of immunogenic reactions and has broad development prospects in the future. KMD Bioscience can provide customers with professional and high-quality humanized antibody services to solve various experimental difficulties.



The Procedure of Antibody Humanization Platform



Related Services of Antibody Humanization Platform


KMD Bioscience not only provides customers with efficient antibody humanization services, but also has many years of practical experience in the construction, expression, and purification of recombinant antibody libraries. We will provide customers with antibody sequence prediction and antibody characterization analysis services throughout the entire process to ensure the smooth progress of customer projects.


Monoclonal Antibody Development Services

Antibody Purification Service

Antibody Sequencing Service

Antibody Pairing-Custom ELISA Development Service

Antibody Labeling Service

Antibody Affinity Maturation Service

Polyclonal Antibody Development Service

Protein Labeling Service

VHH Nanobody Platform

Antibody Humanization Service


Recommended Special Services


Antibody platform and protein platform are the two pillar platforms built by KMD Bioscience. Antibody platform is closely related to protein platform. At the same time, we recommend our peptide synthesis platform to provide you with more choices.



Protein Expression Platform


Natural Protein Purification Service


Peptide Synthesis Platform


Antibody Humanization Platform Related Technical Service Resources


There are many problems in the antibody humanization process, and we are also trying to solve your doubts for you. If you have more problems, you can contact our experts or check our more related articles.


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