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Bovine Polyclonal Antibody Production Service

Backed by our well-established antibody engineering technology, KMD Bioscience has built up a mature antibody production platform, offering comprehensive polyclonal antibody production services, which involve mouse, rat, rabbit, and other species. KMD Bioscience has provided customizable services in antibody design and production to countless clients, and this experience ensures you obtain your custom-tailored polyclonal antibody with high quality. Based on our upgraded antibody technology, KMD Bioscience can offer a reliable and wide range of custom polyclonal antibody production with multiple immunogen options.

Bovine antibodies are structurally unique because of their ultralong CDR3 structure. KMD Bioscience promises to provide bovine polyclonal antibodies with high-performance immunoaffinity. Related testing services are available depending on your requirements. Our laboratory has already completed dozens of polyclonal antibody production services for industrial investigators and obtained bovine antibody with neutralizing titers exceeding 1:800,000,000.


Bovine Polyclonal Antibody Production:


In antibody-related research, bovine is an unusual source to generate antibodies with exceptionally long CDR3 loops and a few variable regions. Naturally, about 10% of bovine antibodies contain this novel ultralong CDR3 structure, and the size of these antibodies is recognized as the largest among all the antibodies identified. The ultralong CDR3 loops from cattle antibody are the longest(50-61 amino acids) compared with CDR3 loops of other species. Relevant structure and deep sequencing analysis have indicated that the ultralong CDR3 loop has an even number of cysteines, forming a unique architecture in which the cysteines participate in constituting a diversified disulfide-bonded "knob" domain supported by a β strand "stalk". This long CDR3 loop renders cattle antibody is more efficient in attacking diverse bacteria and viruses or grabbing onto molecular targets, especially the antigens not recognized by traditional antibodies, such as the GPCRs.

KMD Bioscience is always at the forefront of pursuing technological advances. Based on our phage display technology, KMD Bioscience can provide you with excellent bovine monoclonal antibody production service. Personalized and customized plans are supported, such as peptide design, protein expression requirements and other issues, to suit your different research and applications.


Service Process:




Service Highlights:


--Rich experience in polyclonal antibody development

--High affinity and specificity

--High ELISA titer: guaranteed pAb ELISA titer -107 and neutralization titer-108 

--Large scale antibody production

--Low background and cross-reactivity

--Broad applicability: antibody pairing, ELISA kit customization

--One-stop services, including antigen preparation, antibody production, antibody purification, antibody modification


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