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Monoclonal Antibody Development Service

The scientific team at KMD Bioscience is constantly improving the technology used in producing monoclonal antibodies. They are experienced and knowledgeable and can help you get started. To date, KMD Bioscience can provide comprehensive monoclonal antibody development services, including mouse, rat, rabbit, and human, and more will be provided in the future. Milligram-to-gram quantities of low-endotoxin and purified antibodies are available, depending on your specific research needs.

Supported by our improved antibody platform, KMD Bioscience offers one-stop antibody production services, including antigen preparation, immunization, antibody purification, and QC tests. We are here to help you advance your scientific research. We can provide two monoclonal antibody production protocols:

1. Hybridoma monoclonal antibody: including mouse hybridomas, mouse/rat, mouse/guinea pig cell fusion, and fully humanized hybridoma to produce monoclonal antibodies.

2. Phage display technology: We can provide antigen design, peptide synthesis, gene expression, immunization, monoclonal antibody purification, identification, and antibody labeling services with our well-established and powerful antibody engineering platform.


Monoclonal Antibodies Produced by Hybridoma Technology


The hybridoma monoclonal antibody results from the fusion of B lymphocytes and myeloma cells. It has been a preferred option for domestic and foreign customers to produce antibodies using hybridoma cells. KMD Bioscience can provide monoclonal antibody production by hybridoma technology. The antibody secreted from hybridomas can only react with certain antigenic determinants; therefore, it is provided with high specificity and high titer. Monoclonal antibodies are widely used in biological and medical research. We can produce high-quality antibodies by using various antigens, such as small molecules, peptides, modified peptides, proteins, fusion proteins, modified proteins, etc.


Hybridoma Monoclonal Antibody Production Process



Monoclonal Antibodies Produced by Phage Display Technology


KMD Bioscience utilizes phage display antibody library technology to provide monoclonal antibody customization of various species, such as humans, mice, rabbits, chickens, sheep, geese, pigs, cows, horses, donkeys, camels, alpacas, etc. KMD Bioscience will continue to enrich the categories and are ready to offer you a customized service.

Using our M13 phage display technology, KMD Bioscience can construct natural or immunogenic antibody phage display libraries of different species for clients and the library capacity is up to 1011. Our phage display technology platform is constantly being optimized. With the support of the phage display antibody technology, KMD Bioscience can provide recombinant monoclonal antibody production and corresponding services for many species. We make every effort to expand our range. To give you more choices.


Monoclonal Antibodies by Phage Display Technology Service Process


Monoclonal Antibodies Related Species


At KMD Bioscience, we have succeeded in generating monoclonal antibodies from various host species, including but not limited to:



Monoclonal Antibody Development Service Highlights:


--Rich experience in monoclonal antibody development

--Guaranteed ELISA titer

--Positive western blot results

--Quality-assured: Strict quality management, high-quality products

--One-stop downstream services, including antigen production, monoclonal antibodies purification, antibody development, ELISA kit development, antibody detection and production


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