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Guinea Pig Monoclonal Antibody Production Service

KMD Bioscience has been working in the field of antibodies for many years. We have experienced antibody preparation technicians, accumulated a large number of recombinant antibody and protein production experience, and can provide customers with high-quality antibody products and technical services. Camed Biotech has established a mature antibody platform and phage antibody display technology platform, which can provide customers with recombinant monoclonal antibody preparation services of different species, including rabbit, mouse, camel, sheep, chicken and shark.

Guinea pigs are an ideal source of antibodies in allergic reactions and allergy studies, and are also important model animals in the study of a variety of infectious diseases. Kamed Biologics provides high-quality guinea pig recombinant monoclonal antibody preparation services, using phage antibody demonstration technology, we are able to produce monoclonal antibodies with high specificity, high activity and high affinity for customers in a short period of time. Relying on the perfect platform construction, Camed Bio focuses on providing one-stop technical services from antigen design, synthesis and modification, animal immunity, phage library construction and screening to downstream antibody modification and application identification to meet the different needs of customers.


Guinea Pig Monoclonal Antibody Production:


The main drawback of the traditional murine xenogeneous (mouse-rat, mouse-guinea pig) hybridoma preparation technology to produce monoclonal antibody hybridoma cells is that hybridoma cells can only be subcultured for limited periods of no more than 1 to 3 months, and the monoclonal antibody secretion ability will be lost. Hybridomas prepared by bacteriophage library technology can be stored on granular carriers in the form of antibody genes, combined with the advantages of different protein expression systems, such as the use of cell-free expression systems, can achieve animal-free production and obtain recombinant monoclonal antibodies with high specificity and high affinity.

After years of technology accumulation, we can isolate the variable region (Vλ, Vk, and VH) genes of different species, recombine these genes and clone them into the antibody backbone protein scaffold to build a full-length antibody library. Using different screening strategies, such as antigen regression, combined with our multi-way protein recombinant expression platform for recombinant antibody expression (yield up to -5g/L), providing customers with monoclonal recombinant antibodies with high specificity, high stability and high affinity. 




Service Content:    



Service Content

Delivery Materials



Small mlecule modificiton

* Identification results of the modified small molecule derivative LC-MS

3-4 weeks

Complete antigen Generation


* Complete antigen SDS-PAGE, UV, or MALDI-TOF identification results

1 week

Keyhole cyanin

Human serum albumin

Human-γ globulin

Generation of bacteriophage antibody libraries

Antigen emulsification immunize 2-3 guinea pigs 5 times

* PCR results, immunoassay results (titer and specificity results containing ELISA), experimental records

16-18 weeks

Splenocytes (or peripheral blood lymphocytes) are collected and variable zone genes are isolated

Phage construction, transfection expression, library construction

Library screening (solid-phase screening, liquid-phase screening, etc.)

* Antibody sequence, library screening results, ELISA positive clone identification results, experimental reports

Recombinant antibody expression

Antibody screening, construction of expression plasmids, eukaryotic or prokaryotic expression of recombinant antibodies

* Recombinant antibodies, expression plasmids, clonal strains, experimental reports

1-2 months


Service Advantages:     


--High antibody titer: Prepare guinea pig monoclonal antibody with high efficiency and sensitivity to ensure delivery and meet experimental needs

--Enables large-scale preparation of antibodies

--Strict quality control system, experienced laboratory technicians, GMP-level operation level, to ensure reliable results

--A variety of expression systems and schemes are available

--Abundant antibody expression vector resources

--Has a mature antibody and recombinant protein platform to achieve project integration

--Antigen immune diversification: Customers can provide small molecules, peptides, modified peptides, proteins, fusion proteins, modified proteins, etc. as antigens for monoclonal antibody preparation

--Service can be customized: prepared according to customer needs, customized experimental protocol for each customer, to meet the special needs of each customer 


Comparison of Monoclonal Antibodies in Different Species:  




Murine monoclonal antibody

* The preparation method and technology are mature, and it is a commonly used model species

* Low antigen demand and low cost

* Small batch-to-batch variation, fast and continuous production

Rabbit monoclonal mab

* The preparation system is mature and the preparation cost is relatively low

* Strong specificity, higher affinity and activity compared to rodents

* Wider range of antigen adaptation

Alpaca monoclonal mab

* It is a heavy-chain antibody with a wide range of antigen determinant binding functions

* Due to the presence of disulfide bonds in the structure, the stability is stronger

* Easier to carry out humanized transformation

Sheep monoclonal mab

* Larger size, suitable for larger amounts of serum or antibody preparation

* High efficiency, high stability, good commercialization of products, good applicability

* Wide range of applications, covering detection and treatment and other fields


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