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Rat Monoclonal Antibody Production Service


Access to effective and stable recombinant antibodies is the foundation and key to antibody development. KMD Bioscience is dedicated to antibody research and has a well-established platform of phage display library technology to produce recombinant monoclonal antibodies from various species including rabbits, mice, alpacas, sheep, etc. for our clients. Our scientists are highly skilled in in vitro diagnostics and antibody-antigen development. They are experienced in antibody selection and identification to deliver high-quality recombinant antibodies.

Monoclonal antibody development and production is mainly based on 2 technologies: hybridoma monoclonal antibody discovery or phage display library antibody discovery (recombinant antibodies), KMD Bioscience can provide rat monoclonal antibodies of various technologies.

Rat monoclonal antibodies are generally free of background cross-reaction, low cost, and easy to produce. Supported by the platform of phage display library technology, KMD Bioscience can ligate rat monoclonal antibody genes to phage vectors, combined with different protein expression technologies, to produce rat monoclonal antibodies at multiple scales.

One-stop and customized services are available, including design and synthesis of peptide immunogens, recombinant protein expression, animal immunization, hybridoma monoclonal antibody production, antibody purification, etc. KMD Bioscience can also provide you with heteromixis services, e.g. hybridoma cell production service for mouse myeloma cell-rat splenocyte fusion. KMD Bioscience enables the integration of experimental projects with good quality and efficiency. Less consumption, more achievements.


Rat Monoclonal Antibody Production Service Process





--Eukaryotic expression cell strain secreting rat monoclonal antibody

--Rat monoclonal purified antibody with high specificity and high affinity

--Complete experimental and identification reports: including gene sequencing, SDS-PAGE, ELISA, and other results


Rat Monoclonal Antibody Production Service Highlights


--High antibody titer and high sensitivity

--Large-scale production is available

--Sequence diversity

--Multiple antibody expression validation options are available

--Antibody sequence humanization service is available

--Strict QC system and experienced scientists to ensure reliable results

--Abundant antibody expression vector resources

--Various expression systems and protocols

--Antigen immune diversity: KMD Bioscience supports small molecules, peptides, modified peptides, proteins, fusion proteins, modified proteins, etc. as antigens for monoclonal antibody production

--Antigen production services are available, including DNA synthesis, plasmid construction, protein expression, protein purification, protein modification, peptide synthesis, peptide modification, peptide cross-linking with carrier proteins, small molecule structure analysis and cross-linking with carrier proteins, etc.

--Customized services are available to meet your specific needs

--One-stop and customized services are available, including design and synthesis of peptide immunogens, recombinant protein expression, animal immunization, hybridoma production and antibody purification, etc.


Comparison of Monoclonal Antibodies of Different Species




Mouse Monoclonal Antibody

* Mature production methods and technologies, commonly used model species

* Low antigen requirement and low cost

* Low batch-to-batch variation for rapid and continuous production

Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody

* Established production system and relatively low cost

* High specificity, higher affinity and activity compared to murine

* Wider range of antigenic adaptations

Alpaca Monoclonal Antibody

* Heavy chain antibody with broad antigenic determinant binding function

* More stable due to the presence of disulfide bonds in the structure

* Easier to be humanized

Goat & Sheep Monoclonal Antibody

* Large size, suitable for larger quantities of serum or antibody production

* Highly efficient, stable and commercially available with good applicability

* Wide range of applications including assays and therapeutics


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