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Quantitative Time-resolved Fluorescence Immunoassay

KMD Bioscience's comprehensive fluorescence assay platforms can provide a variety of fluorescence detection experiments. Relying on superior technical equipment and perfect platform construction, we can provide time-resolved fluorescence immunoassay services. We have a large number of experimental technicians who have accumulated rich experiment experience, each experimental step has a unique research and QC system. KMD Bioscience relies on years of mature technical support to obtain stable and effective experimental results and enhance customers' experience.

Time-resolved fluorescence immunoassay (TRFIA) is a special fluorescence analysis method developed based on fluorescence immunoassay (FIA). Lanthanides and chelates with unique fluorescent properties are used as tracers to label antibodies, antigens, hormones, peptides, proteins, nucleic acid probes, and biological cells in place of traditional fluorescent substances, enzymes, isotopes, and chemiluminescent substances. The fluorescence intensity in the reaction product is measured with a time-resolved fluorescence immunoassay detector, and the concentration of the analytes in the reaction system is accurately determined based on the ratio of the product fluorescence intensity to the relative fluorescence intensity. It can be used for marker-level detection, pathogenic microbial antigen-antibody detection, biotoxin detection, harmful metal substance detection, etc.



Fig1 Quantitative time-resolved fluorescence immunoassay-Varioskan-LUX multifunctional enzyme marker



Quantitative Time-resolved Fluorescence Immunoassay

 Experimental principle

When a drop of sample containing the antigen (antibody) to be tested is added to the spiking zone, the antigen (antibody) in the sample to be tested binds to the fluorescent nanosphere-labeled antibody (antigen) in the binding pads, and is chromatographed forward by capillary action. When it reaches the detection zone, it binds to the immobilized antibody (antigen) on the detection line. A sandwich complex of microsphere-antibody-antigen-antibody is formed and immobilized on the detection line, while the excess fluorescent microsphere-labeled material is further chromatographed to bind to the secondary antibody immobilized on the quality control line. At the end of the reaction, the detection zone was scanned and detected using a UV light source (340 nm). The fluorescent nanospheres on the detection and QC lines emit high-intensity fluorescence (615 nm) with a long decay time. By utilizing a delayed measurement time, the specific fluorescence of rare earth elements is measured after all naturally occurring short-lived fluorescence (1-10ns) in the sample matrix has decayed, and in this way, interference from specific background fluorescence can be eliminated. The concentration of the substance to be measured in the sample can be analyzed by the intensity and ratio of the fluorescence of the detection line and the quality control line.


* High sensitivity, 2-3 orders of magnitude higher than the sensitivity of ordinary fluorescence, a wide range of detection

* Quantitative detection, according to the built-in standard curve, can give the specific concentration of the measured substance

* Marker stability, strong anti-interference, good reproducibility of the detection results, reagent batch-to-batch difference is small

* Simple operation, short detection time, can be used for on-site screening

* Inexpensive and cost-effective


Service Process:




Experimental Highlight:


--Using the large difference between the fluorescence wavelength and its excitation wavelength to overcome the effect of stray light in the ordinary UV-Vis spectrophotometric analysis method

--Experienced experimental operation level and experimental procedures with reliable statistical principles

--KMD Bioscience’s senior technicians ensure that the experimental data is real and credible and the results can be traced.

--With perfect supporting equipment, imported instruments and reagents, the results can be trusted.


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